Policies and FAQ

Shipping, Turnaround time, return policy and the nature of genuine stones:

Turn-around time for custom:

As of 06/09/2024, average wait time for custom orders is 5 months. New orders are expected to ship in November 2024.

This is an estimated turnaround time, and not a hard delivery date guarantee. We value the quality of our finished product over speed, and we hope you do to. We make every effort to meet our initial time quote, but we want to ensure we send out the best product possible. Handmade just takes more time, and we are a business of two people. We encourage you to order as early as far in advance of holidays, birthdays, weddings and other deadlines as possible. 

At this time we are not able to accommodate requests for rush orders. We are grateful to be extremely busy at this time, and we want to respect our customers by working on orders in the order that they are received. If you are not sure if your deadline is within your expected delivery window, please email us and we can further assist you. 

You will receive a shipping confirmation by email once your item(s) have been are ready to leave the shop.

Boles Silver In-stock items will ship within 7 business days, though most ship within 1-2 business days. You will receive a shipping confirmation by email once your item(s) have been sent. If you have not gotten a confirmation after 7 days, please verify the email address you provided is correct and/or check your junk email folder. If you are still unable to find your confirmation email, feel free to reach out to us at bolessilver@hotmail.com and we will provide you an update on the shipping status of your item(s).


Turquoise, white buffalo and other genuine stones: Due to the nature of using genuine natural stones, each individual piece will vary in appearance. If you would like to request a specific stone from our current inventory-please email us at bolessilver@hotmail.com to view our in-stock stones and select a stone.

ALL items are final sale. You may request changes to custom order items within 48 hours of placing your order. Changes requested once your piece has been started is at the discretion of the Silversmith and may not be approved. We encourage you to consider all design aspects and requests prior to placing your order to ensure a fantastic finished product. If there has been an error on our part-please let us know and we will correct mistakes made on our end ASAP.

Any and all changes requested after a custom item is in production, or after completion will be done at the sole discretion of Boles Silver, LLC. Any additional cost incurred due to further modification will be the responsibility of the customer. We will not alter items without a paid in full invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How should I care for my new belt buckle?

Buckles shippied October 2023 and after: Starting in October 2023 we have implemented a new in-house steel corrosion preventative coating for our belt buckles. This new addition to our lineup does not need to be oiled like conventional coatings for steel buckles. Like anything, this coating is not everything proof, but it does provide a much more durable, corrosion resistant barrier than before. The overlay metals used on your buckle (copper, silver, or brass) can still patina or tarnish due to the nature of the materials used. Care for these parts of your buckle like you would any piece of copper, silver, or brass. 

Buckles prior to October 2023: To ensure the best protection of your new product, we recommend dabbing the steel parts with a light coating of gun oil such as Rem oil every few months - or more often if you wear your buckle every day or work in your buckle. We use oil and wax barriers on your buckle before we send it out *BUT* steel CAN RUST if is CONSISTENTLY getting wet or is not dried properly after contact with water. Contact with water removes the oil we pre-applied to the buckle, causing it to be vulnerable to rust or other corrosion. Think about things such as: sweat, working on stock tanks, condensation from water bottles/drinks cans, etc. If your buckle becomes wet- please wipe it off as soon as possible to prevent patina acceleration or formation of rust. 

Does sterling silver tarnish?

Yes, sterling silver does tarnish. It is a naturally occurring process. It can be cleaned with sterling silver cleaner, sterling tarnish remover, or you can use a polishing cloth on it. We recommend Sunshine Polishing cloths.

Nickel silver can also tarnish, just at a slower rate generally than sterling. You may also polish nickel silver. 

What is happening to my copper item? the color is different that it was when I first purchased it.

Copper naturally oxidizes as it is in contact with the oxygen around us. It causes the copper to form a patina, making it look less shiny than it was before, and sometimes it discolors as well. While it is a natural process, it can be frustrating, nonetheless. Copper can easily be polished back up to its original shine with a polishing cloth. We do not recommend abrasive polish or cleaners for copper on buckles or jewelry. If you like the look of the patina that has formed, it's okay to leave it as it!